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TOP 50 for 2021!

Release Artist Label
1 Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon Various JEM
2 "Charlotte Beach" b/w "Cuckoo Clock" Televisionaries Hi-Tide
3 Off and Running Greg Townson Hi-Tide
4 Songs For These Times Greg Stackhouse Prevost Mean Disposition
5 Greetings From Muckingham Palace Muck & the Mires Dirty Water
6 Beautiful You Outta Sites Spinout
7 Quaranteenage Kicks Gallow Birds Rum Bar
8 "Gonna Make You Cry" b/w "Shadows of Your Mind" The Low Spirits Calico Wally
9 Hits to Spare The Poppermost Think Like A Key 
10 Savage Young Krayolas The Krayolas Box
11 At Home With… Southern Culture on the Skids Kudzu
12 Stupid Like Me Stupidity feat. Keith Streng Black & Red
13 "Next Summer" b/w "Mr. Happy" Todd Bradley Hi-Tide
14 "If 6 was 5" Mal Thursday Quintet Chuck Archives
15 "Save Me" Stupidity none
16 A Better Way/"Inconceivable" The Chelsea Curve Red on Red
17 "Magical Girl" Stupidity feat. Keith Streng Red on Red
18 Jem Records Clebrates Brian Wilson Various Jem
19 Tremblin' Hipbone Slim & the Knee-Temblers Dirty Water
20 "Snakey Baby" b/w "I'm Going Down the Line" Neatbeats Sleazy
22 "Off & Running" -single Greg Townson Hi-Tide
23 A Piece of the Poppermost EP The Poppermost Parlophoney
24 "At the Beach" Trevor Lake Hi-Tide
25 Infamous Instromonsters Vol. 4 Various El Toro
26 Big Mamma (EP) Los Blue Marinos KOTJ
27 "Secret Agent Man" b/w "The Lonely Bull"  Susan SurfTone Acme Bros.
28 Extreme Guitar Conditions The Aqua Barons Get That Beat
29 "Telstar Twist" b/w "Gypsy Beat" Royal Pacifics Hi-Tide
30 "She Can't Surf But She Sure Can Bowl" Quest for Tuna Red on Red
31 Infamous Instromonsters Vol. 3  Various El Toro
32 Get Ready Caleidoscopio  Jargon
33 Palladium Olivia Jean/April March Third Man
34 Funeral Smoggers Soundflat
35 The New Roaring 20's The Forty-Nineteens Big Stir
36 "Pretty Words" Anonymous Willpower none
37 Mesmerised The Routes Action Weekend/Bickerton
38 13 Years of Fuzz Insanity The Smoggers Dead Beat
39 "Go Little GTO" The Forty Nineteens Big Stir
40 That Rock 'n' Roll Rhythm Tammi Savoy & the Chris Casello Combo El Toro
41 Shake Five The Routes Topsy Turvy
42 "SkinWalker" b/w "No Particular Place to Go"  Susan SurfTone Acme Bros.
43 Magnetic` The Belltowers Kool Kat Musik
44 Past Perfect Tense The Raves Kool Kat Musik
45 "Tears Little Darlin' " b/w "Won't You Take A Ride" Ray Paul & RPM Permanent Press
46 Decayed Galileo 7 Fool's Paradise
47 Pick Your Brain The Isotopes none
48 "In Love With a Ghost" b/w "Pub of Fear" Mal Thursday Quintet  Chunk Archives
49 Kismet Kid Gulliver Red on Red
50 Who Knew?!?!? Eck's Men none