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Rockin' Rochester: 2010-:

This list is not meant to be comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination. It's mainly a discography of artists that I played on the show at this time, and that fit the shows format for the most part.

"Broken Guitar" Chinchillas -Jargon CD (January 2010)
"Wannabe" Joe Hendrick -JMH CD (January 2010)
"Double Density" Isotopes no label EP (May 2010)
"Tombstone Hands" Tombstone Hands -no label CD (May 2010)
"Million Dollar Ring/Four On The Floor Anthology" Lotus STP -Jargon CD (June 2010)
"She's Allright With Me" Absolutes -no label CD (July 2010)
"Karrousel of Love" Dave Kasrersin -Dynamic CD (July 2010)
"Live at the Montage" Dan Frank & the True Believers -no label CD (August 2010)
"Rubberneck" Tombstone Hands -no label CD single (September 2010)
"Living in the 4th Dimension" McFadden's Parachute -PeterFonda CD (September 2010)
After 26 years at WITR, the "Whole Lotta Shakin" show moved to WRUR-FM in November
"Train Hoppin' Casualty" B.B. Lummox & the All-Star Band -Jargon CD (December 2010)

"Have a Cocktail Party with the Hi-Risers and Los Coronas" Beat EP (December 2011)

"Out For Kicks" The Ohm -no label (December 2010)


"Gone Dead Gone" SLT -Earing CD (March 2011)

"Fix It" Sonar Mail -no label demo (April 2011)

"The Isotopes" Isotopes -no label CD (June 2011)

"Movin' to Gonesville" Bobby Henrie & the Goners -no label (September 2011)

"Can't Get Enough" Krypton 88 -no label (September 2011)

"Everybody's Feeling Allright" Absolutes -no label CD (October 2011)

"Best of the BBB's Vol. 2" Luther & the BBB's -Jargon (November 2011)

"Silver" Chinchillas -Jargon CD (November 2011)

"Flashback" b/w "Candlewoman (I am a Galaxy) McFadden's Parachute -Jargon CD promo (December 2011)

"The Lewinski Stomp" Harmonica Lewinski -demo track (December 2011)


"Idling in the Sun" Squires of the Subterrain -Rocket Racket promo song (March 2012)

"Barely Alive...at the Bug Jar" Tombstone Hands -CD (April 2012)

"Sandbox" Squires of the Subterrain -Rocket Racket CD (April 2012)

"Good Vibes, Bad Vibes" Harmonica Lewinski -CD (July 2012)

"Flashback to my Hometown" McFadden's Parachute -Jargon CD (July 2012)

"Hang Around With You" Hi-Risers -Rock 'n Roll CD (August 2012)

"Los Gallos" b/w "Admiral Dad" Harmonica Lewinski -Digital single (October 2012)

"Something Beautiful" Chinchillas -Jargon CD (November 2012)

"Preparing The Feast of Skeldon" Infrared Radiation Orchestra -Jargon CD (dECEMBER 2012)


"Mississippi Murderer" Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost -Mean Disposition CD (March 2013)

"Blue" Pistoleros -no label CD (July 2013)

"On Your Side" Greg Townson (August 2013)

"Meet the Seabreezers" Seabreezers -no label EP (September)

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